I have several full sized geldings and one miniature gelding.  My geldings are used for a combination of show and pleasure horses.  My geldings are all well broke to ride (yes including the miniature who was trained and ridden by a very skilled, size appropriate child).  Mostly I use them for pleasure riding, but they are trained for competition as well, including Jumping, Dressage and in the case of the miniature, Pleasure Driving and Halter.   I am very proud to own the boys I own!
2010 IALHA Grey (Smokey Black) Spanish Norman Gelding
2007 IALHA Andalusian x Arabian Bay Gelding
     - Owned by Melodee Rice: who is my niece, trainer and soon to be farrier
2006 AMHR Buckskin Tobiano Miniature Gelding
     - 2x Reserve National Champion and HOF Gelding!
                    Estimado V
          Merlin I
                    Melodia II
Magicos Trovao 
                    Campanillero III
          Contessa SCF
                    Khemos Duchess
                    Golfo De Lirio
Cestus SEA
                    Bar J Happy Hour (Paint)
                    Bar J Leona
​2012 Jockey Club Bay Thoroughbred Gelding
                    Kriss S
          Kissin Kriss
                    Toes Forward
Rowdy All Knight
                    Vying Victor
          After The Knight
                    Kwatna Belle
                    Boones Little Buckeroo
          Little Kings Big City Buck
                    Teuts Sparkling Gidget
Ericas Big City Prankster Buck
                    Solid Gold Tender Design
          Ericas Ad I'll Make My Own Design
                    Sweetwaters Little Patricia