I am extremely proud of my mares. I offer a wide variety of mares, many of which feature proven bloodlines. I hand picked each based on their incredible temperaments, trainability, performance ability and conformation. They feature some of the top bloodlines in Canada!

I believe that good working ethics and temperament in a foal begin with the dam and sire! I don’t believe in horses being just for breeding either… unless there is some medical reason why a horse CAN’T be ridden, they should all be proven under saddle or harness! Otherwise how can one REALLY know if they actually ARE breeding for work ethic, versatility or ability???  My mares are all started at 4 yrs old to determine whether they will be suitable performance horses.  If they can't perform there is no reason to believe that their foals will defy genetics and out perform their dams!  My mares are all in various stages of training, but if they are on this page they have already proven themselves to me! I also don't believe in breeding every year non-stop.  Its not good for the mares or the economy... If interested, lease e-mail me for a list of mares I have covered for the approaching foaling season.
2008 PHR Bay TB/Percheron Mare
     - EeAa
Sport Horse
                    All Gone
          Gone Premier (TB)
                    Star Premier
Rowan SEA
          Black Mare

2015 IWBRI Bay Iberian Warmblood Mare
     - EeAa
                    Fast Account (TB)
          Attila HPT (Sport Horse)
                    Vandango (Spanish Mustang)
Cortana SEA
                    Xadrez Do Pentagano (Lusitano)
          Xarah SCF
                     Goldie (Belgian)

2012 IWBRI Dark Bay Part Andalusian Mare

2015 GHRA CPtHA Bay Tobiano Mare
Gypsy Vanner x Quarter Horse
                    Gypsy Elite Apollo        
          SGS Sligo Grandson Noah
                    Gypsy Elite Neeenah
Gypsy Secret SEA
                    Quarter Horse
                     Quarter Horse

                    Merlin I (Spanish Andalusian)
          Magicos Trovao 
                    Contessa SC (Hispano)
Rogue SEA
          Brown Sugar

2012 IWBRI Hispano Bay Mare

                    Merlin I (Spanish Andalusian)
          Magicos Trovao 
                    Contessa SC (Hispano)
Danaerys SEA
                    Spanish Mustang
                    Spanish Mustang

​1998 CAHR Sorrel Mare - Retired

2002 NQHR ISHR Sorrel Mare

Quarter Horse
                    Limited Practice          
          Chicks Bubble Jet
                    Chicks Butter Beans
Starr of Destiny
                    Wanderer in the Mist
          Mystical Starr
                     Moonlit Starr

                    Ruminaja Fayez     
          Amir Fayshah
Shahntilly Fay
                    NV Collector
          Tamsin II

Iberian Warmblood (Part Andalusian)