aka "Matrix" was sired by one of my favorite stallions, SMO Adriano de Suerte/Silver Birchs Adriano de Suerte.  Adriano produces amazing foals that excel in the show ring!  He is a full blooded Shetland even though he unfortunately does not have Shetland papers. Her Dam, Establo Luisa is a purebred AMHR/ASPC palomino Shetland mare who has been a fantastic producer!

Matrix is the type of mare most people only get to dream about!  She is a full blooded Shetland even though she only has AMHR papers.  She has also been successful in the show ring!  I suspect she carries the cream gene as her dam was a palomino, so I will be color testing to see! Very excited to own this mare!

2017 AMHR Black Shetland Mare
Silver Birchs Establos Dark Illusion
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