Shahntilly Fay
Shahntilly Fay, aka "Tilly" is a very well bred 89% Egyptian bred mare. In her line are some of the most influential stallions and mares in History, including Morafic, Ansata Ibn Halima, Shaikh Al Badi, Bint Magidaa, Magida, El Hilal, and the list goes on! 

Tilly was sired by the Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa stallion "Amir Fayshah", and is out of Tamsin II an Egyptian Crabbet bred mare, Tilly definitely has the best of both of them. Tilly is also a great broodmare and out produces herself every time!

Tilly has the looks of the Egyptian, standing 15.3 hh, with high tail carriage, and a gorgeous dished face. She also has the incredible loyalty the Arabian breed is well known for. She is very well behaved, and well broke. She has been ridden English and western, and often you can ride her out in the pasture without even a halter on! Tilly is one of the friendliest sweetest horses I have ever met, and is always waiting on the fence to greet you.

Tilly has been used for riding lessons to teach begginners and children to ride, and is one of the best riding horses I have ever encountered. She is smooth, steady and very willing!

1998 CAHR Sorrel Egyptian Arabian Mare
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