2011 IALHA Buckskin S/P Stallion
     - EEAACrcr
2013 IALHA Slowly Greying (Smokey Black) S/P Stallion 
     - Eeaa nCR nG
Andalusian Stallions

My breeding focus is on conformation, performance, and disposition. I have a well bred selection of stallions, mostly of Spanish/Portugese bloodlines, but as of 2017 I also have one pure Spanish stallion as well! My stallions must prove themselves under saddle before siring any foals. I am very selective with my stallions, choosing only horses that have quality, willing and trainable personalities, fluid and smooth movement, and high intelligence. Once they have foals on the ground I will only keep stallions that pass along all of those traits as well! I only want to produce the best!

Andalusian Stallions
          Xadrex Do Pentagano
                     Stef VA
Areli Xaureo 
                     Banbury Nicholas
          Aurelia A
                     Windhill Amada
                   Golfo De Lirio
El Vaquiero
                    Noticero IV
          Mascara I
2017 IALHA Perlino S/P Purebred Andalusian Stallion
              Xadrez do Pentagano
        Areli Xaureo
              Aurelia A
Commandaunte del Sol SEA
       Luna Del Rio
              Delirios Gaia SVF
2017 IALHA Black Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion
     - EEaa
              Hercules G
        Illuminado del Bosque
              Incendia Fe
Leyenda Del Fuego
              Gitanillo del Sol
       Arrow Isabella
              Zara MHF