2011 IALHA Buckskin S/P Stallion
     - EEAACrcr
2013 IALHA Slowly Greying (Smokey Black) S/P Stallion 
     - Eeaa nCR nG

My breeding focus is on conformation, performance, and disposition. I have a well bred selection of stallions, mostly of Spanish/Portugese bloodlines, all of whom carry at least one copy of the cream gene, but as of 2017 I also have one pure Spanish stallion as well! My stallions must prove themselves under saddle, and they all produce foals who are easy to train, athletic and versatile.

As of 2015, the only stallion available at stud to the public is El Vaquiero.
          Xadrex Do Pentagano
                     Stef VA
Areli Xaureo 
                     Banbury Nicholas
          Aurelia A
                     Windhill Amada
                   Golfo De Lirio
El Vaquiero
                    Noticero IV
          Mascara I
2017 IALHA Perlino S/P Purebred Andalusian Stallion
              Xadrez do Pentagano
        Areli Xaureo
              Aurelia A
Commandaunte del Sol SEA
       Luna Del Rio
              Delirios Gaia SVF
2017 IALHA Black Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion
     - EEaa
              Hercules G
        Illuminado del Bosque
              Incendia Fe
Leyenda Del Fuego
              Gitanillo del Sol
       Arrow Isabella
              Zara MHF