El Vaquiero 
Vaquero was sired by Sueno, a stallion who was imported from spain, and out of Mascara, a Spanish mare imported from Costa Rica. He is smokey black, which means he can sire the cream gene! He also appears to be greying VERY slowly... at 4 yrs old he only has a few stray white hairs coming in. 

Vaquero will be started under saddle and shown starting in 2017.  He will be standing at Hadford Perfomance Horses in Calgary for anyone interested in breeding to him. Visit http://www.hadfordperformancetraining.com/ for more information or to book a spot to breed to him.

$1000 LFG

$7.50/day Mare care
2013 IALHA Greying Smokey Black Andalusian (S/P) Stallion