Xauro is sired by the imported PSL stallion Xadrez do Pentagano, and out of the Spanish mare Aurelia A. Xadrez do Pentagano is now standing in the US, and in 2016 he won Canadian National Champion. 

Xauro is registered with the IALHA as a purebred spanish/portugese Andalusian. All foals can be registered IALHA. His foals to date have been BEYOND exceptional.  They are extremely intelligent, very easy to train and very eager to please.  His first foals have been started under saddle now and are exceeding all expectations I ever had! They are consistent in quality and temperament.  Most of his foals are on track to mature well over his height as well.  

Xauro is going very well under saddle, and was one of the easiest horses I have ever trained.  He is so eager to please and so willing to work that I hardly even had to train him.  He is very responsive to pressure, has a soft mouth, and is already showing amazing natural talent at dressage.  His movement is gorgeous and he is SO smooth to ride! 

Xauro has been Coat Color tested by UC Davis as EEAANCr, so he will only ever sire Bay or Buckskin Based foals.


2011 IALHA Buckskin Andalusian (S/P) Stallion
Areli Xauro